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What We Owe Each Other: A MtG Purple Discussion

This article has not been monetized NOR is it sponsored in any way. I refuse to profit off of drama, not that I have a means to profit, but if I did; rest assured that I would demonetize myself, because what I am about to say needs to be said in its purest form, no selling out.

This past Tuesday, not long after the Rogue Deckbuilder debate with Unsleeved Media, our website and the humble brick and mortar store, Gone Rogue, that it supports was the victim of vicious attacks, harassment, and violence by online internet trolls. This is due, in no small part, to the slanderous and hateful video produced by fellow MtG Youtuber, MtGPurple. In the month that I’ve been writing for this site, I have never, not once, made a single attack article, a single attack, Tweet, a single attack Reddit post, not even a mean word on another individual. I go after Kevin, not people. And I’m not going to start now. For as angry and saddened we are on Team Rogue Deckbuilder,  I never ascribed to the philosophy of fighting fire with fire. Instead it is my strategy to douse the fires of online vitriol with this tearful plea of support in these dire times. Once you watch the video, linked below, I hope to walk you carefully through just how awful Purple has been to innocent memebers of our wholesome and cherished MtG Community.

TRIGGER WARNING: The Following Includes Many Acts of Violent Mischaracterizations and Slanderous Lies of My Good Friend, Kevin Crimin. Be Wary of the Toxicity. Do Not Engage With His Comment Section. Help End the Cycle of Hate.

Did you watch the video? If you did, I’m glad you were able to make it back safely. If you didn’t, well I can’t say I blame you. It took all I had to not start literally shaking because of what I just witnessed… And even then… Well I’m not going into that. Let’s just move on.

MtG Purple’s vitriolic attacks, I feel, are ultimately a deflection of his own insecurities and shortcomings that manifests itself violently as he attempts to distance himself from the very troubled truths that haunt his existence. For example, in no time at all he immediately attacks Kevin for the circumstances of his birth as Morman. Associating him with the religion and demeaning the good simple minded followers by referring to them as a cult. Of course we all know that if even if Mormans were a cult, our Kevin has left the religion and stands independent from the identity imbued to him from birth. Purple, however, revels in the fact that he’s indoctrinating his followers into his own nefarious schemes. The 6th Color of Magic? That is an exclusive in-group sect of his fan base who reaffirm their identity with the 6th color at the end of each of his videos. What is the 6th Color of Magic, you might ask? Well that’s Purple. He’s the 6th color. To the outsider perspective, there is a horrible implication that he seeks to bring others into his fold and become a part of him. Before this video, I was not convinced of such notions. However what other reasons might he have to paint Kevin as a cultist if he wasn’t in fact using his own colors and brush? I am greatly concerned about the safety of those that associate themselves with the 6th color. But let us move on.

Not once but twice in this video does MtGPurple utilize the tired Carlos Mencia style mockery of the mentally handicapped overlayed on top of the Rogue Deckbuilder jingle. I noticed that this is something that Purple never shows any qualms or remorse about doing. Often casually throwing around offensive language like “retard” in his videos and livestreams. If you attempt to call him out on it, he will laugh in your face and mock you for asking him to not demean others with offensive stereotypes. I for one find it abhorrent and shocking that such a person is free to walk around in the MtG Community, while UnsleevedMedia is banned for life with police enforcement to keep him out of tournaments. Say what you will about the misogynistic atrocities of UnsleevedMedia, but at least he advocates on behalf of the mentally challenged and gives them the dignity that he would any other human being. MtGPurple is in it for himself.

Which brings me to the next topic. Kevin’s “terrible” market advice. MtG Finance the Rogue Deckbuilder way is a crapshoot. We know this because as far back as we know, Kevin’s specualtions on the market has been on cards that people never care about for years after they were printed. Hellrider, Stony Silence, and Burning Inquiry to name a few. Speculation is a game for Kevin, and like all good games, he wants to share it with his friends. So he let’s people know what he’s buying and why and it is the freedom of the individual to buy with him or to ignore it. Who wants a Spell Queller right now anyway? It is majorly unfair that Purple attacked Kevin for playing games in the free market. I mean what is Antifa? I don’t know what that is; I don’t even want to know, but Kevin is just asking you to play his game with him and Purple responds with how he’s a terrorist and likes terrible cards. You don’t have to play, Purple. You could just walk away and just let Kevin speculate in peace. We all just want to be left alone, I’m sure you want to be left alone as well. But when you attack someone without a drop of empathy. People will notice, people have noticed and we are letting you know that we don’t agree with you. Maybe Kevin does have a bad sense of humor, but at least he’s not making dad jokes. What’s your excuse?

There have been a lot of puns made on Kevin and Rogue Deckbuilder in the wake of this video. From Rogue “Dick”builder or Kevin Crimin“al”, the brand that Kevin put years of hard work, love, neglect, and now more love into is being drug through the mud by terrible jokes that are meant to cut deep. And maybe you succeeded in that.

Your words ran deep, Purple. You hurt a pure and innocent soul that day of January 31, 2018, you with your reckless hate and sociopathic assault. Rogue Deckbuilder never went after you. He joined livestreams with you, tried to be friends and reach out to you. And you return the favor with this. It is the moral equivalent to what the British government did to the Irish during the Great Potato Famine. Kevin’s family died because of the Potato Famine! How could you be so utterly uncaring? Who hurt you Purple? What makes you want to seek out and hurt others? Your words are violence.

This article is getting real emotional for me. Sorry, I uh~ I am struggling right now to even type. There is another half of this video where Purple jokes about suicide with all the grace and tact of Logan Paul when Tyler clearly wasn’t suicidal. So insensitive; so very insensitive to those that struggle every day with their depression and suicidal thoughts. And those of you readers that also struggle, I want you to know that help is out there and there are those that care about you. I care about you. At the end of this article I’ll leave a link to the suicide hotline for those that need it.

Lastly he mocks the profession of sex workers and jumps the shark to claim that Kevin has killed a hooker. Leaving out the 14% statistic of suicide among sex workers that just gets swept away by Purple, it is an utterly absurd notion to suggest, contradictory as well considering the Mormon backdrop of the Utah culture. Richfield would never allow a sex worker to operate in their city, why can’t Purple just be honest? It would save him from being caught in a lie like this.

Anyway that’s all I can handle. This is hopefully the last time that I have anything to say on this matter, but unless Wizards takes appropriate recourse, the community will never be safe from the likes of Purple and his 6th color army of trolls.


Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

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