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Tuesday Brewsday #1 ~Life Exchange

Hey all, Tyler here! I intend on sharing a brew with you all each Tuesday.(Maybe we can even get Kevin to play one here and there).
I’m going to alternate each week between Standard and Modern. Today I will start with standard since Ixalan has just been released!

The juice for this brew comes from the aforementioned set, in the form of Axis of Mortality! I know, I know a 6 mana spell that does ABSOLUTELY nothing when you play it, and you have to wait an entire turn before it does anything. Man, what am I thinking? Roll those eyes right on back and check this deck list out…

The plan is to control the board with the wide array of targeted removal (ie Cast Out) and board wipes (ie Bontu’s Last Reckoning) included in the deck. Duress is an all-star as well especially vs counter-spells.
When playing this deck it is best to wait for your opponent to overextend before wiping the board, and not to worry so much about protecting your life total. Besides, your life total will likely end up being your opponents’ once Axis of Mortality gets on board.
And once it is on board we have plenty of instant-speed self drain cards to activate during the opponents endstep (ie Adanto Vanguard) to get our life total down to 0 if we have Gideon of the Trials online, otherwise 3 should be your target life total. After the exchange is made, due to it being a hard to remove enchantment, Gonti’s Machinations is the most dependable way to drain the last little bit of life from the opponent.

If you are interested in seeing this deck in action let us know!

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