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Tough Rally – A Standard Brew for Rally the Ancestors

For those of you that are saying that I am neglecting standard, here you go! I am having so much fun with this deck. Currently I am 7-3 with the deck, with two of the losses really coming down bad draws (yeah, I know, excuses excuses). The synergies in this deck are many. Qasari Sadist and Kheru Bloodsucker act as both stabilization and finishers, with 4 point life swings. Wall of Mulch and Grim Haruspex help you keep your hand full. Eventually Rally the Ancestors will flat out finish off the game, however I have won plenty of games without it.

The deck shines against midrange decks like Abzan and Gruul, and can easily hold its own vs Aggro and Control. Against control, Collected Company and Rally the Ancestors are insanely good cards. Against Aggro, it can be very hard for them to power through Wall of Essence and Nyx Fleece-Ram. The one aggro matchup I did have a problem with was monoblack warriors that just ignored my blockers with Mogis’s Maurader and Bloon-chin Rager. Anyhoo, this deck has had solid performances against the wide variety of standard decks. Here is the latest version:


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