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Top 5 Cards to invest in preparation for Eternal Masters

Here are my top 5 specs for the upcoming Eternal Masters

5. Abrupt Decay
abrupt decay

Used as a 4 of in Shardless Sultai, also dodges the reserved ban list.

4. Green Sun’s Zenith
green sun's zenith

Undervalued at $6. Banned in Modern but completely legal in Legacy. Played in legacy Elves.


3. Splinter Twin
splinter twin

Has taken down a legacy tournament. Twin players will have a format to play it in. Very low price at $7, should continue to fall. You can find playsets on Ebay for less than $20.


2. Deathrite Shaman
deathrite shaman

Another banned card in Modern that is legal in legacy. Very flexible card. Sultai Shardless Agent staple, again is immune to reserved list ban. Also being played in Shardless Sultai.


1. Terminus

Miracles powerhouse. Very low price at $2.5. Being played in the legacy Miracles.


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