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Top 10 Cards to Brew With from Aether Revolt

Aether Revolt Pre-Release is THIS COMING WEEKEND!!! – and if you haven’t caught up on spoilers yet, the set is looking to be one of the most powerful expansions of Magic: The Gathering printed in years! The hype is real, and while the set is rather small (only 184 cards total) there are loads of exciting new cards printed at every rarity that are already inspiring new deck brews across the internet.

Here at, Kevin has a tradition of listing his Top 10 picks of cards to brew around from every new set before its releases. For example, if you missed his Top 10 cards to brew around from the Kaladesh expansion you can view that video by clicking here. The cards in these Top 10 lists aren’t meant to be the most powerful new cards being released, but are rather the cards that Kevin as an experienced brewer has personally selected as having unique mechanics or abilities that could be powerful enough to inspire a whole new deck in some format. In the video below, Kevin has selected 10 such cards from Aether Revolt that you might have overlooked in the “spoilers hype” but that you should definitely keep your eyes on as the set releases. If you wind up brewing a deck from any of Kevin’s picks, feel free to post it in the comments below!

Top 10 Brew Cards from Aether Revolt – Published January 12th, 2017

Link above not working for you? Feel free to watch the video on the official Youtube Channel and be sure to like and subscribe to watch more Top 10 Brew-around card videos from Magic: The Gathering expansion sets new and old!

Have an amazing Aether Revolt Pre-Release everyone, and definitely look out for the cards from Kevin’s Top 10 Brew Cards List! :D

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