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Top 10 Cards I am Going to Miss Post Rotation: #4 Nivix Cyclops

I have had a lot of fun with Senior Cyclops over the two years he was legal in standard. Fortunately, my one-eyed friend will still be legal in pauper, a format I on occasion venture into. I am not going to say much about this deck, but it can be explosive and really shines against other decks that aren’t too keen on interacting with your board or removing creatures.

Nivix Cyclops

Featured-Card: Nivix_Cyclops (4)
Nivix Cyclops

Other Dudes: (13)
Young Pyromancer
Blistercoil Weird
Goblin Electromancer
Springleaf Drum

The Pumps: (20)
Hidden Strings
Titan’s Strength
Simic Charm
Titanic Growth
Lands: (23)
Mana Confluence
Temple of Abandon
Temple of Epiphany
Temple of Mystery
Breeding Pool
Shivan Reef
Stomping Ground
Steam Vents
Yavimaya Coast

Sideboard________: (15)
Ranger’s Guile
Mizzium Mortars
Back to Nature
Izzet Charm
Simic Charm

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