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Tiny Leaders – Animar Soul of Elements WINNERS

First off, I want to apologize for taking as long as I have to announce the winners. As you may know, the youtube community has been a bit hectic lately and I was hoping to involve a bunch more of the content creators in the rating the decks and picking a winner. However, I think that Tutor’s Library and myself have narrowed it down to the top three. Drum Roll Please!

Coming in at 3rd place is #3: Animar, Master of Deception by Ghostflowers131:

With the power of counter magic, this deck becomes the perfect tempo deck until the combo can be established. It matches up well against decks that are both aggressive and control, and can definitely get the job done without “going infinite” with the cloudstone curio combo.

Well done GhostFlowers131. For 3rd place I am sending you a “Gone Rogue” first edition playmat!

In second place, comes the Robot Beatdown deck: #14: Animar, Soul of Robots by thecommanderlounge:

This deck packed a punch in both creativity and playability as it is very aggressive way to build Animar. Fecundity is a pet card of mine that I have been trying for the longest time to get to work in modern. Congrats, TheCommanderLounge! For Second place I am sending you a signed Animar, Soul of Elements

And now that brings us to the WINNER: #10: Animar, Soul of Beef by ColtonisWright:

Bring on the BEEF! With ample ramp and big bodies and plenty of ways to protect the win conditions, this deck is a force to be reckoned with!

Congratulations to ColtonisWright for winning the first ever The Rogue Master Brewer! Enjoy this beautiful altered art Animar, by MTGAlterBoy!

Animar Rogue Deckbuilder Alter

If you were one of the winners, please email me with your shipping address,

A big thank you to all of those who participated in the first ever The Rogue Master Brewer!

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