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Even more Tiny Leaders: Animar, Soul of Elements Submissions!

Throughout the past week I have received these entries that are absolutely gems. The competition is going to be very tight! I am amazed at the creativity and thought that was put into these brews. Below you will find the submissions received from March 1st – March 9th.


This one comes from fellow youtuber BadWolfMTG,

Another great video decktech by Like1000Ninjas:

Next up, we have a bunch of Animar Tribal Leader entries!

IceAxe shows us his allegiance with the slivers: Animar, Soul of Slivers:


In this creative brew, Dinclaus chooses the defensive route in Animar, Soul of Defenders:

How about a brew that has all of the BEEF: Animar, Soul of Beef by ColtonisWright :


Can’t forget the kobolds sounding the Alarm, Animar, Kobold Storm by Starch:


Forget creatures, what would happen if Animar pledges his allegiance to the land itself?!? Lanimar, by LTRiggs:


Can’t forget all of those shiny trinkets! Animar, Soul of Artifacts by BigFood:


More ROBOTS in this decklist: Animar, Soul of Robots by thecommanderlounge:

Who wants to play fair? Animar is meant to be broken, Animar is meant to be DEGENERATE! Animar the Degenerate by Aqualog:



And last but not least, FrenchFryNinja goes above and beyond by giving us a deck tech and even a budget version of his competitive Animar, Tiny Leaders deck.


Animar Rogue Deckbuilder Alter

I can’t be more happy for the creativity shown in these entries! We have a very talented community! Remember that if you want a chance to win the alternate art, Animar, Soul of Elements, you have until March 14th to submit your decklist! Happy Brewing!

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