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Now is the time to play Soul Sisters in Modern!

Auriok Champion is such a powerhouse against UR Burn / Delver!

Soul Sisters

Soul_Sisters_Modern_2014: (40)
Martyr of Sands
Soul Warden
Spectral Procession
Ranger of Eos
Path to Exile
Honor of the Pure
Soul’s Attendant
Serra Ascendant
Ajani’s Pridemate
Squadron Hawk
Auriok Champion
Lands: (20)
16 Plains
Windbrisk Heights

Sideboard_Soul_Sisters: (15)
Suppression Field
Leyline of Sanctity
Stony Silence
Sundering Growth
Return to the Ranks
Dryad Militant

Here is my overview on matchups against the current top ranked decks!

UR Burn: EASY. Champion is impossible to deal with, Ajani’s Pridemate becomes a 4/4 pretty easy, meaning two burn spells will have to be utilized against it. Martyr of Sands can get you to 30+ life very fast, basically negating 3-4 burn spells.

UR Delver: Easy! Young Pyromancer is a joke for this deck. Delver of Secrets can do some significant damage but good luck keeping up with all of the Squad Hawks and Procession tokens.

Affinity. Super Easy. Their only hope is cranial plating on Inkmoth Nexus. Stony Silence after board just adds insult to injury.

UR Twin. Easy. Auriok Champion is a natural safety net against the combo. Path to exile, suppression field, Sundering Growth are all very good against this deck.

POD: Fair. This is about 50/50. Suppression Field really messes up Birthing Pod. Stony Silence is ok, Path to Exile is a key card. Early aggro draws like turn 1 Soul’s Attendant into turn 2 Ajani’s Pridemate can be hard for Pod. Also the turn 2 Honor of the Pure turn 3 Spectral Processions as well.

JUND / BG. Easy. Golgari Charmhurts, Olivia Voldaren Hurts, the rest of the deck is terrible against soul sisters. Spectral Processions, Squadron Hawks and Ranger of Eos keep your hand and board full of threats.

UWR Midrange. Easy/Fair. If they are more into the control route this can be an annoying matchup. Return to the Ranks is your best friend. Auriok Champion dodges most of the removal and provides significant life gain. Ajani’s Pridemate becomes out of control very fast against midrange.

Merfolk. Terrible but not unwinnable. Path to Exiles are your only hope. IF this deck is a problem in your local metagame put in Wrath of Gods in the board. They won’t expect it and will run right into a
huge sweeper.

Scapeshift. Depends on the version. On the light mountain versions you can become out of range with Martyr. You can easily add Aven Mindcensor to the sideboard if you are worried about this deck. You do have Leyline of Sanctity in the board as well, that usually sets them back a turn or two until they can handle it.

Death and Taxes. Easy. Even Hushwing Gryff doesn’t help much. By the time they get it out, the damage has already been done and your lifetotal and pridemates should be way out of reach.

Gifts Rites. Horrible. Borderline Unwinnable. Too many sweepers. Very tough matchup.

Tron. Stony Silence shines here. Hard matchup but not unwinnable.

Infect. Unwinnable. You have to pray for multiple paths and no responses. Good news is Infect is rather rare these days and loses to its own bad draws often.

Boggles (GW Hexproof). Horrible. When this deck is popular I make sure to pack lots of tempest of lights in the sideboard. You can’t interact with their deck and Daybreak Coronet is very tough to beat.

8 Rack. Probably your worst matchup. Too much to overcome between the discard and sweepers. Good news is Burn has been weeding this deck out pretty significantly.


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