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Team Project #2 – Vraska Scavenge/Jund

Hey there RDB fans, bringing you our 2nd installment of the Team Building Project, Michael has once again outdone himself in critiquing a user submitted deck, and giving us his outlook on how it could be made standard worthy.

Original deck submitted by Trevor D, on YouTube

Creatures: (24)

  • 3x Slitherhead
  • 4x Gyre Sage
  • 4x Lotleth Troll
  • 3x Varolz, the Scar-Striped
  • 2x Witchstalker
  • 3x Crowned Ceratok
  • 3x Deadbridge Goliath
  • 2x Arbor Colossus

Spells: (12)

  • 3x Bioshift
  • 3x Alpha Authority
  • 2x Golgari Charm
  • 2x Bow of Nylea
  • 2x Vraska, the Unseen

Lands: (24)

  • 13x Forest
  • 4x Overgrown Tomb
  • 7x Swamp

Sideboard: (15)

  • 2x Golgari Charm
  • 3x Phytoburst
  • 3x Sundering Growth
  • 2x Corpse Blockade
  • 3x Dreg Mangler
  • 2x Enlarge

You can check out the game play videos on my channel here.

Stay brewing, and we would love to have user submitted decks!






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