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Team Project #1 – Vraska Midrange

Hey there Rogue Deck Builders,

Most of you may not know this, but I am of the opinion that the best results in brewing decks most of the time don’t come from “hoarding the deck” so to speak. And what I mean by that, is just picking at the card list yourself until you feel that it is “just right.”

When I have an idea, or see a deck that I believe has potential, I throw together a shell. And I want to get someone else (preferably someone who plays the game) to look at it. SO many times I have had someone go “why is that card even in this deck?” and because they are just looking at the deck functionally, they see things you may miss, or tell you to add things you otherwise would have overlooked. One thing to keep in mind here, is that they aren’t destroying your deck by asking you about cards, or offering opinions. (as long as this is someone you respect) They are trying to help you, and you have to be receptive to letting your deck change and evolve. If you want the best result, keep an open mind and share it with others.

With all of that being said, I am starting a new series, where I am going to find a deck, or take a submitted deck, and very quickly go over why I like it, what some very simple functionality changes I would make are, and a quick explanation of why. Then Michael Y, who is extremely talented with breaking down mechanics and functionality, will do his own Deck Tech Dr episode on the deck, and then I am going to do a video series featuring both versions of the deck. I really love working together with other brewers, and seeing how a deck can evolve as it moves through different people. It’s what magic is all about. Too many people I think believe they are in this game alone, and since it’s a competitive game they try to keep everything for themselves and treat every aspect of it as some giant competition. Community is key friends.

So without further Ado, the very first co-hosted series from the Rogue Deckbuilder Team


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