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TB#6~Modern Miracles

Tyler here, welcome to Tuesday Brewsday. A series where we concoct new and unique decks, look for it every other week!

This time around I’m porting a well known legacy deck into modern; “Miracles”. As I am a relatively new player to magic(began in RTR/Theros) I haven’t had the opportunity to play with Miracles in Standard, nor is Legacy my cup of tea. However as a “Johnny” player the mechanic certainly caught my eye, as it is unique and can be exciting to play with. I’m hoping it makes a return to standard sometime soon!

Miracles has been tried in modern before with average to below average success, and it never really caught on. Without the likes of Top, JtMS, or Brainstorm it has been a difficult deck to get to operate correctly, but that may be changing..
Between the new card Search for Azcanta which has even been picked up in Legacy, and the recent addition of Opt in Modern, we actually have some pretty decent Miracle enablers.

Here’s the list I’ve come up with:


If you’re wondering(like I was a few days ago), yes Counterbalance is modern legal, although it isn’t seeing ANY play. It certainly does work in this deck though!

You may also be wondering, what in the world the wincon is besides the one of and easily dealt with Entreat the Angels? Game 1: Burn spells + incidental damage our opponent has likely taken through fetch/shock lands. Game 2 or 3: Bring in Delver of Secrets from sideboard once the opponent has likely sided out creature removal. There’s also a one of Torrential Gearhulk for another wincon depending on match up.

Another interesting thing about the deck, it’s a play second deck. There are 2 reasons for this, all riding on Gemstone Caverns. #1 ability to Miracle on our first draw. #2 it’s extremely pivotal that we either get one of our 2-drop Enchantments on board as quickly as possible or start setting up our draws with Magma Jet or Telling Time.

Opt and Remand allow for the ability to miracle on our opponent’s turn, as well as the two lands Geier Reach Sanitarium and Mikokoro, Center of the Sea

I hope you enjoyed seeing this brew as much as I’m enjoying playing it. I think I may even make my way into Gone Rogue Games to pick it up in paper and see if I can’t get Kevin to play a couple games of Modern even though he’s just sworn the format off, heheheh..
Till next time. Brew on!

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