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TB#2 ~Stuffysplode

Welcome to the second Tuesday Brewsday, this week is modern.

This brew is going to be slightly on the more gimmicky side, think more “Against the Odds”-esque. I think you’ll find it entertaining.
The namesake card this time around is Stuffy Doll However it was Star of Extinction, a new card from Ixalan that prompted me to build this deck. Seeing these two cards together it should be pretty apparent what we’re trying to do. Get a Stuffy Doll or card with similar effect such as Boros Reckoner on the board, then follow up with an obscenely high damage spell.
Our primary damage spell is Blasphemous Act, it’s not quite the explosion that Star of Extinction causes BUT it is a lot more castable.


Supporting cards include Lightning Bolt and Pyroclasm for early control, Chandra, Torch of Defiance for ramp, draw, and damage, Insult makes flipping Spinerock Knoll much easier, and lastly Generator Servant for ramp and to absorb removal spells before our key creatures come down. Chandra is super important in this list, which is unfortunate due to her price tag, however the planeswalker is a definite 4-of.

In testing this deck I’ve found it to be extremely match-up dependent, it either wrecks face or falls on its face..
The favorable matchups are against midrange creature decks and decks that are low on disruption. Poorer matchups include Storm and U/W Control. Also, Path to Exile is our bane.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind, I didn’t build this intending to win every match. Not that you’d lose every match either, just that it exists simply because it sounded fun, and… it truly is!

Til next time, brew on!

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