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TB#15~Valakut Shaper(Transformative sideboard)

Time for a day late Tuesday Brewsday! I’m in the process of moving so at least I have an excuse right?

I love the idea of a transformative sideboard, and haven’t featured one yet in this series so here we go…
The purpose of the transformation here is to take advantage of all the graveyard hate people are filling modern sideboards with.
Between the focal card World Shaper, and the supporting graveyard fillers Faithless Looting, Commune with the Gods, and Magmatic Insight, plus fetchlands, the graveyard fills up fast.
This pressures the opponent to play their Leyline of the Void’s, Rest in Peace’s, and Ravenous Trap’s that people are looking for a reason to bring in from their sideboard. Remember to play up your graveyard usage to your opponent, you want them to focus on that. Then with the bait set from game 1, simply swap to traditional Valakut!

The transformative portion of the Mainboard and Sideboard are marked by asterisks(***) in the decklist:

This type of deck has been tried in the past with Splendid Reclamation, but I like being able to grab World Shaper with Pact, it also puts cards into the graveyard on attack adding a level of resiliency to the deck(Splendid Reclamation felt so bad when the graveyard was empty, this creature at least has some use in that case). However you do need a way to kill World Shaper when you’re ready to “go off” because the opponent probably isn’t going to if you’ve got a decent number of lands in the graveyard. Lightning Bolt does this of course, so can Valakut if online. But, for consistency sake I found Starved Rusalka to be a perfect one of to sacrifice World Shaper as it can be fetched with Summoner’s Pact.

I consider Courser of Kruphix to be a flex spot, so if you have any suggestions worth testing in place of those let me hear ’em!

Til next time, brew on!