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TB#14~Bolas’s Twilight Nexus(Standard)

“The Tuesday Brewsday after a major modern release, and you feature a standard deck?? What are you thinking Tower!?”
I know, I know, but give me a second to play with the cards. I’m the type who likes to dwell on deck ideas for months
and playtest a bit before I share too much. Usually I wait just long enough for the cards not to be relevant anymore. Heheh

This deck idea spurred from a discussion with Kevin about the card Bolas’s Citadel. We both feel the artifact is powerful and has a lot of potential. We theory crafted a deck playing all the gain life cantrips such as Revitalize and Ritual of Rejuvenation that seems like it could become something. This brew however is playing around with a little different approach in the form of Twilight Prophet, a true brewer’s card. However playing this pushes us into high cmc cards with which to drain our opponent but that directly conflicts with Bolas’s Citadel, so that’s where a little ingenuity comes in… Split cards allow for high cmc AND low casting costs, neat. Nexus of Fate allows us to chain off our drain effect and are quite easy to find again after they shuffle themselves back in. Here’s the list:

You can’t deny, it’s quite entertaining having a creature drain someone’s life
without having to turn the creature sideways. It’s also quite cool to take extra
turns(so long as you’re not playing that Teferi bullshit. haha) So yeah, what
more can I say it’s not tier one but the deck is certainly fun and can really go off!

I’m on the fence between the 2 Kefnet or more split cards, especially ones with
instant speed draw effects to manipulate top of deck, like Consecrate or Depose.

Which do you think I should mainboard?
Let me know what you think.

I’ll be getting back to modern next time. Til then, brew on!

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