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TB#13~Eldrazi Spawn(Pauper)

It’s Tuesday Brewsday and Ravnica Allegiance is a month away! Woohoo, opportunity to brew!! Tower here bringing you a pauper brew before everyone forgets the format exists, that is until Standard inevitably becomes stale again.

This is a build around deck with the center piece being Hand of Emrakul, as such the card options are limited not only to the plane of Zendikar but the Original block of Zendikar since 0/1″Eldrazi SPAWN” tokens were upgraded to 1/1″Eldrazi SCION”‘s in Battle for Zendikar. *facepalm* So with that restriction in mind here’s the list that despite the small pool of cards we have to choose from rounds out quite nicely:

As you can see I’m basically playing an original Zendikar block pool of cards with Lightning Bolts and Faithless Lootings thrown into the mix, but hey whatever works! There is a nice curve and we’ve also got a couple Ulamog’s Crusher thrown in as another ramp payoff. Dragon Breath is a spicy tech I learned from none other than Kevin himself a couple months ago as it is included in his reanimator deck which I’ll post at the bottom of this article.

If you like how the Eldrazi Spawn brew looks you can actually purchase the deck by clicking the cart icon at the top of the decklist!

That’s it for this Tuesday Brewsday, Tower out, and have a merry Christmas!

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