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TB#12~Kamehameha-lakut!(Valakut Variant)

I know I know, Standard is where all the cool kids are playing right now, I’ll get back to that format soon I promise. I’ve been absorbed in the brewing potential of modern!
Similar to the Cheerios variant I did awhile back, this week I’m tweaking another established archetype, prepare to sling some mountains!

“Only one Primetime? Wait..Where’s the ScApEsHiFt BrO!?!”
Here at Rogue Deckbuilder, we think outside the box!

As you can see this list attempts to ramp out a Kamahl’s Druidic Vow to slam a bunch of lands(and more). To enable this card however we need a legendary creature Hello Azusa, Lost but Seeking.
Or Planeswalker Hello Koth of the Hammer.

Apart from the usual Valakut ramp we’re also running a playset of Baru, Fist of Krosa. Kevin likes to talk about “education cards” or cards that should see play but don’t due to confusing text or in this case lack of publicity. People simply don’t know about this card, at least I didn’t, until I began scouring modern’s plethora of green legendary creatures. alt=
But let me be the first to inform you, this card is legit when it’s on the board.

Summoner’s Pact on opponents turn for at least a 5/5 Wurm surprise blocker?
☑️ Yes please.
Give Primeval Titan and said wurm +1/+1 AND trample?
☑️ Sure!

Building this deck from scratch isn’t necessarily budget. However if you already have RG Scapeshift, money wise you’re %95 of the way there! If that’s the case, I highly encourage you to try this list. If you do, let us know how it went!

Till next time, brew on!

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