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Tainted Healing Reloaded

Rogue Brewer Update:
Last year Original Tainted Healing was part of a Rogue Master Brewer competition. Now with the possibility of the new Frontier format we have the opportunity to revisit past brews that just don’t quite make the cut for modern power level, but are still great or just plain fun.

So here’s the revised Frontier list for the Tainted Remedy based deck:

Although Cruel Feeding and Last Breath won’t be joining us from Theros, we’ve got some new cards a bit more versatile while still maintaining synergy. These are: Collective Brutality and Blessed Alliance, in conjunction with additional mana fixing through Concealed Courtyard.

Also due to the experience I’ve attained since last year(as I’m a relatively new player) I dare say my decks have become more streamlined in regards to consistency and goals, so there’s that.

Til next time, Brew on!

PS: Who else is stoked for Amonkhet?

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