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I have had a number of people ask me about how they can help achieve the next level and when I am going to start streaming on twitch. The answer is as soon as I can get a new computer funded. As many of you know, my computer is on its last leg. It is old and has been through its share of abuse. My lovely ex during one of her tirades (google borderline personality disorder) actually chucked the poor thing across the room when she was angry with me, resulting in a cracked motherboard and other damage. The motherboard miraculously still works, which is a miracle by itself. Alas however, with blue screen’s of death ruining videos and constant freezing, I think it is about time to retire my dear friend. Unfortunately, video editing is very resource hungry and I need a computer that can handle the load of producing videos. I am thinking this is going to cost between $1200 – $1500 for what I need. At this time in my life, it is an expense that I cannot afford. So therefore I am reaching out to you, my fan base to see if you can help out (as many of you have already pledged to do).

To help supplement this, I will be selling all of my paper magic cards except for a few modern decks and standard staples. I will be uploading a list of cards soon and if you would like to support RDB by purchasing them, that would be awesome. I also have three factory sealed sets of RTR that I was able to redeem on MTGO. These usually go for around 160-175 on ebay so I am hoping to get $200 for them as the money is going to a good cause (more ROGUE VIDEOS!). So if you are interested please send me an email:

Lastly I have 100 playmats being made and shipped hopefully by the end of the month. There are two different artworks which I will upload the pictures when I receive them. All I ask is that you cover shipping as well as a donation of whatever amount as I don’t want to be stingy on the price and really want them to be affordable. Again you can donate as much as you want and I will definitely throw in something special to big donations. If you would just like to donate to the cause I will also be placing a donation button on this post below. You can start pre-ordering the playmats whenever. Just be sure to contact me by email ( so we can work out the shipping. Thanks a million for all of the love and support!


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