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Summer Rogue Master Brewer Top 8

It’s time to vote for the winner of the Summer Rogue Master Brewer Competition! We’ve picked out top 8 out of a very varied field, and now we’re opening up the voting to you, the Rogue Deckbuilder community! The top 8 decklists are posted below; pick your favorite and we’ll announce the winner next week!

Wasn’t this the August Rogue Master Brewer Competition, you might ask? Isn’t it now almost the end of September? Sure, but we’ve been really busy at RDB trying to bring you some huge things, and we’re still working on a lot. Hey, we got there eventually!

So, vote for your favorite deck below; we’ll announce the winner next week!

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Metapod – By Nate Slover

Hardened Evolution (Metapod?)

Breath of Fury Combo – By Jade Schaeffer

Breath of Fury Combo

Walker, Tezzeret Ranger – By Mark Griffith

Walker Tezzeret Ranger

Maze’s End – By Boris

Maze’s End

Mardu Giggles – By Mardu Goggles

Mardu Giggles

Narset of the Crescent Moon – By Victor Kazuo

Narset of the Crescent Moon

Death Becomes Them – By Mint Kang

Death Becomes Them

Tainted Healing – By Tyler Roundy

Tainted Healing
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