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Standard Esper Flash Control

Esper Control is not my usual style of deck; I like pro-active decks that put my opponent under pressure, and I particularly hate control mirror matches. But occasionally I like to try something different, and this deck has a couple of synergies that make it interesting to play.

My initial intention was to build some kind of Blue-White Awaken deck, with Halimar Tidecaller, but I failed to make that work. It gradually turned into this Esper list, with Harbinger of the Tides to bounce one of my opponent’s creatures, and Ulamog’s Nullifier (combined with cards that exile such as Horribly Awry and Silkwrap) to counter my opponent’s spells. Ojutai’s Command provides the deck with some card advantage and synergy; I can use it to return Harbinger to the board to bounce my opponent’s creatures; or I can return Fathom Feeder to block my opponent’s creatures or to start generating additional card advantage by drawing cards.

A card that is notably absent from the deck is Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy; it should be there but it’s too expensive right now. The same argument could probably be made for Gideon, Ally of Zendikar, though that would force me to cut something and possibly move away from the Flash theme. Fathom Feeder could be replaced by Hangarback Walker; that would give me fewer targets to return with Ojutai’s Command but may still be worth it. Even without these cards the deck isn’t exactly cheap, since you still need 12 fetch lands, but apart from these the deck stays away from Mythic rares and uses a couple of bulk rares and uncommons.


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