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Spoilers, Economy, Thanks & Rambles

Today was another epic day of Modern Masters 2017 spoilers, with cards like Voice of Resurgence, Tarmogoyf, and Cavern of Souls being just a few of the rares and mythics added to the long list of amazing cards to be included in the set. In celebration of these spoilers and as a way of saying thank you for all of your support through these early months of 2017 (and also in the interest of bringing you valuable discussion about the latest MTG news) Kevin has posted not one, but two amazing spoiler review videos on our official Youtube Channel! These videos are not simply meant to announce what cards are going to be in the latest set, but also aim to provide Kevin’s signature combination of market predictions, personal history, and stories of MTG Standards from the days of old. In our first video we ask “How much is too much?” in regards to value in a premium limited-print-run expansion set. In the second, Kevin recounts more details from his MTG past and provides some lessons in fundamentals of Supply & Demand. Again, thank you so much again to all of our loyal subscribers and fans, and we can’t wait to get our engines running on several exciting projects for in the coming months. In the meantime, please do enjoy Kevin’s ramble videos below! :)

More Modern Masters Spoilers, How Much is TOO Much? – Published 3/2/17

Modern Masters hits RECORD EVA, and then these are spoiled! – Published 3/2/17

Having trouble watching the videos above? Try watching them on our official Channel where you can subscribe for more of Kevin’s videos! Also, if you are looking for up-to-date spoilers from any Magic: The Gathering expansion set using the website Kevin uses in the videos you can find them on – thanks again!


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