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Skred Red Sideboard Guide

You wanted it, and now you’re getting it! This sideboard guide is the result of many, many games of testing, playing, and winning. We’ll cover each of the big matchups in the metagame, and talk about what comes in, what comes out, and what type of plays you should be trying to make. So, without further waiting, here is the…


vs. Jund

Matchup tips: Save your Skreds for Tarmogoyf and Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet. Don’t cycle your Relic of Progenitus unless you have too. When attempting to kill a big Tarmogoyf always target it with removal first and then cycle relic; if you do it the other way around you will have an instant and/or sorcery in your graveyard and a creature in your opponent’s graveyard. If possible, always have one mana open to cycle relic so it does not get destroyed by Abrupt Decay or Kolaghan’s Command.

vs. Affinity

Matchup tips : Not much to say here. This matchup is a walk in the park for Skred.


Matchup tips: Mulligan for spot removal, preferably Lightning Bolt. Sometimes it is correct to destroy your opponent’s Stomping Ground or Sacred Foundry by animating the land with Koth’s + 1 ability and then Skreding it. By doing this we can color screw our opponent and we can cast Blood Moon, Batterskull or Dragon’s claw without it being destroyed by Destructive Revelry.

RG Tron

Matchup tips: Mulligan to find Molten Rain or Blood Moon. Try to assemble the Blood Moon + Koth of the Hammer + Skred/Roast/Mizzium Mortars combo to take your opponent off mana. If you have Blood Moon and Koth in play, you can animate your opponent’s tron lands and destroy it with Skred/Roast/Mizzium Mortars. If your opponent has four lands in in play and an Oblivion Stone it is very important to animate the land your opponent played on his/her turn, since it has summoning sickness when it becomes a creature, therefore your opponent cannot generate the five mana and activate Oblivion Stone.


Matchup tips: This is a very good matchup, and there’s not much to say. It is usually correct to play removal spell on your own turn to avoid getting blown out and contributing to the infect damage on their turn.

RG Shapeshift

Matchup tips: Mulligan for Blood Moon or a fast hand with a turn 3 Koth of the Hammer on the play. It will often be correct to animate your opponent’s Mountains and destroy it with Skred/Roast/Mizzium mortars. It is sometimes correct to destroy forests with Molten Rain, since RG Shapeshift usually only have two basic forests in the deck.

Bant Eldrazi

Matchup tips: If you’re on the play, mulligan for Blood Moon. Kill mana dorks, since a turn two Thought-Knot Seer is almost impossible to beat. Late game, keep lands in hand for targeting Reality Smasher. Overall, I consider Bant Eldrazi to be a decent matchup.

UR Storm

Matchup tips: Mulligan for Relic of Progenitus and Dragon’s claw. Try to keep Pyromancer Ascension off of two counters as long as possible. If Pyromancer Ascension is active, only crack Relic when your opponent goes for Past in Flames. I have never lost against Storm with a Relic and Dragon’s Claw on the battlefield. The key takeaway is that Dragon’s claw is surprisingly good in this matchup.

It’s no big secret around here that Morten is the master of Skred Red. He’s been playing the deck for a number of years now, and has been pushing it’s limits and innovating with every new set release.  You can check out our interview with him here.

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