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Every bit helps! Needs your Help!

As all of you may know, my computer is on its last leg. With your support you can help me purchase the right equipment to keep this channel going. Playmats are now available for donations. I really feel that leaving it “open” to how much you want to donate is the best route to go because I understand that money is tight. All that I ask is that you at least cover the shipping as well as the cost of the mat. For the Pirate Ship, anything over $15 goes towards the computer, for the Fish, anything over $10. I really appreciate all of you who have already donated. I am about 1/4 the way to the computer. To the rest of you interested in supporting RDB, it is time to fly your colors with a RDB Playmat. Long live rogue decks! To donate, please send an email to with your shipping info and which mat you would like to purchase. For paypal info, click on the link below:

RDB Playmats

Roguedeckbuilder Playmats

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