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Rogue Master Brewer: July 2018 Core M19 Open!

Core sets return!

After a many month hiatus, the Team at Rogue Deckbuilder is bringing back an old classic of our community. Dominaria is all about new beginnings after all.



Contest Start – July 14th, 2018

Submission Deadline – August 4th 2018 

Deck Voting Period – August 4th-August 12th 2018

Contest Winner Announced – August 13th 2018


Rogue Brew (rōɡ bro͞o) n.  An innovative, fresh, or original deck idea meant to explore the unsolved territory of any specific meta. Building a successful rogue deck is highly coveted and is generally considered to be the highest achievement for any deck builder.

The Rogue Master Brewer will be a monthly competition sponsored by that will challenge your deck building skills by choosing a specific card(s) and/or format as your starting point for constructing a creative, innovative, fresh deck.

Grand Prize For this competition, Rogue Deckbuilder is getting prize support sponsored by Cardsphere! Friends of the channel and website, Cardsphere is a reliable and growing online trading platform for Magic: the Gathering. The Grand Prize amount will be 75 USD and the Runner-Up will be awarded 25 USD for use on their platform or on Rogue Deckbuilder. Hopefully through this partnership, we can foster a greater community of Rogue Brewers and even help support the steep cost that often comes with brewing and constructing the perfect original deck.

How will the Deck Entries be Judged? At the end of the competition, prizes will be awarded to the person(s) with the most interesting decks based upon the following criteria:

Creativity and Originality: This is sponsored by The Rogue Deckbuilder, “although personally I have nothing against net decks and net decking, was started to spark interest in innovative exciting decks.”

Synergy and Flow: Do the pieces work and flow well with the challenge card? Is the challenge card the focal point of the deck?

Competitiveness: was founded on the premise of competition. As Kevin once described himself, “I consider myself a ‘Johnny/Spike’ looking for new angles to construct my arsenal specifically for competitive play. Each deck should keep this in mind: Can it compete in the competitive environment?”

Fun Factor: Although competition is a major focal point of deck construction, the reason we play this game is ultimately for FUN. My favorite decks have always been decks that do not ignore this and relentlessly pursue the entertainment value of a deck.

Judging the winners: At the end of the allotted time for deck construction, members of the staff will choose either EIGHT or SIXTEEN (depending on number of entrees) decks to move on to the Master Brewer tournament bracket, where they will be randomly pitted against another Top 8/16 deck. The community will then vote over the period of two(2) days for their favorite deck. Links to our voting polls will eventually be found on our Facebook page, our Webpage, Twitter, and our Reddit page and then be totaled. The deck with the most votes moves on to the next round. At the end of the tournament, one deck and will be crowned “The Rogue Master Brewer” and awarded the Grand Prize. The runner up will also receive a prize as well as one honorable mention from the entire pool of submissions.

This month’s challenge is focused on Core Set M19. While Standard is the most likely place to find fresh brews, you are not limited to that format. However that does not mean that it is acceptable for you to take advantage of reprints like Scapeshift in a Valakut and Primeval Titan deck or Ajani’s Pridemate in Soul Sisters. The core of the deck should be a fresh take on a non-tier strategy or even better; something completely new.

Links to deck submissions are to be sent to It is encouraged that you post your decklist on another site and tag the Rogue Master Brewer in the name and/or description #RMB2018CoreSetM19. Not only will this make it easier to view and judge your decklist, but it will also help promote the competition and get more community involvement!

Be original, be creative, and have fun.

Good luck

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