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Rogue Deckbuilder Tokens

Rogue Deckbuilder branded tokens are now available from Tokenmancy! They’re just $0.50 USD each, and all proceeds go to help build the Rogue Deckbuilder website and brand.


Rogue Deckbuilder Spirit Tokens!

A lot of you probably know that RDB’s signature deck in Modern is Soul Sisters, which makes use of cards like Spectral Procession to flood the board. This spirit token is perfect for that deck, though it can also work for any of your other spirit-token related needs. You don’t need to be playing Soul Sisters to use it; use these tokens in the spirit (heh) of the Rogue Deckbuilder. Go Rogue!

And while you’re there, check out the other tokens available from Tokenmancy.You can use the coupon code ilikeRDB at checkout for 10% off an order of $5 USD or more and free shipping to the continental US!

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