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Rogue Deck of the Month! – November

Rogue Deck of the Mont Official Rules and Instructions:, and have teamed up to bring you the second ever ROGUE DECK OF THE MONTH competition which will run throughout the duration of November, 2013.

Prizes will be given for most creative, most competitive, TEAM RDB favorite, as well as a top 8 contest picked by you the fans to determine the official ”Rogue Deck of the Month”.

We will also be hosting a free tournament on MTGO for any of you who would like to actually put your decks to the test!

To enter your deck into the contest, please follow the directions below.

STEP 1: Brew a creative and unique deck. Legal formats for November are Standard and Modern. Challenge yourself. Go beyond the limitations of Netdecking and come up with something fresh and exciting!

STEP 2: Send your finalized decklist to Please include a detailed description of the deck, what the goals of the deck are, any interactions and synergies and how the deck runs.

STEP 3: SPREAD THE WORD. You can do this by making a youtube video about your deck, posting it on the /r/roguedeckbuilder reddit page or /r/MagicTCG page.  Make a submission on tcgplayer or or any other site that you can post decklists. Be sure to include a link or shoutout that this is for ”Rogue Deck of the Month”. Use facebook, twitter, or any other social media to let others know about your deck and the contest! Bonus points for everyone who goes above and beyond in this step. Send an email to detailing where you posted your decklist or videos.

STEP 4: VOTE.  The official voting for the top 8 decks will take place the end of November, but be sure to get your friends to help you make your deck visible. The RDB Panel (MJ, Jonas, Morten, Kevin etc) will be choosing their favorite decks for the top 8, but it never hurts to try and influence our decision by letting us know what a hit your deck is with the fans.

Last time we did this was in June and we had well over 50 entries so lets shatter that and shoot for over 9000!

Happy Brewing!

Team RDB