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RDB Reviews Kaladesh Previews

The first new plane in the updated two-set block structure, Kaladesh, will have its USA Pre-Release in only a couple weeks on September 24th, 2016 and already a bunch of amazing cards have been released. We’ve seen some incredibly powerful new Planeswalkers, a new card type with crew-enhanced artifact Vehicles, and a new mechanic that really brings the “energy” to the new plane – and that’s just the beginning!

In the following videos, Kevin reviews some of the new cards spoiled from Kaladesh since the PAX West event. We will update the videos on this page as more cards are spoiled up to the release, so be sure to check back often for the latest developments. Also, feel free to check them out on the official Youtube channel, and let us know in the comments which cards you’re most excited for!

RDB Reviews Kaladesh Preview Videos:

First look at Kaladesh – 9/3/2016

More Kaladesh Spoilers! – 9/6/2016

Market Monday: Kaladesh a Standard Masterpiece? – 9/12/16

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