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Rally the Ancestors – Rogue Master Brewer Submissions!

The submissions are in! Here are a complete list of Rally the Ancestor submissions for May’s The Rogue Master Brewer:

1: Chaos Rally by Ancient_Sentinel:
2: Sacrifice Rally by Severian42:
3:  Elemental Pride by Khay:
4: Elemental Pride (Budget) by Khay:
5: ETB Rally by TheJunkMage:
6: Rally the Combo by Tiny3399:
7: Rally the Value by UltraMTG:
8: Rally the Goblins by RobM:
9: Rally the Ally! by Chascarillo:
10: Rally the Stars by PhysmRosmay:
11: BW Rally Combo by theodicy86:
12: Rally the Explosive Goblins by theodicy86:
13: Rally the Warriors by FrugalMage:
14: Rally the Apostles by DomincanDragon:
15: Boros Rally by Ryo:
16: Rally the Exalted by Altrean:
17: Ally Rally by FullyGamer:
18: The Ancestors Call by Janos-Kain:
19: Rally the Dragons by classybobit:
20: Haste Rally by Maximus:
21: GameKeeper Rally by Gamekeeper7:
22: Rally the Jeskai by NJF:
23: Goblin Rally by dpujol8:
24: 4 Color Rally by YoYoJunkie:
25:  Mardu Rally by Valir:
26: Rally the Stars(purphoros) by teslacoil:
27: Rally the Humans by teslacoil:
28: White Allies Rally by theodicy:

Pretty impressive lists! A big thanks to all of those who participated. I will be going on vacation from 6/7/2015 until 6/14/2015, so please bear with us until we can organize the brackets. When I return we will have a full week of voting and even playing some of the lists on MTGO. Because of GP Vegas and my vacation, we will not be having a June Rogue Master Brewer. In July we will have an OPEN competition, meaning no card restrictions. I will keep you posted.

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