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Operation Fall3nout

Hi there, this is Kevin with

Recently I made an extremely long 40 minute video about my experiences of having my Magic: the Gathering collection stolen and a also about a fellow community member and long time fan of who recently had his collection stolen. Knowing that most of you probably don’t have the attention span to wade through a 40 minute video I thought it best that I do a followup summary video, So here it goes:

I started a fundraiser called  #OperationFall3nOut for fellow roguer and fan, Hayden aka (Fall3nOut) in hopes to recover at least some of his collection. Although I know we won’t be able to recover nearly the $3,000 dollar collection that was stolen from him I am hoping to replace as much of his three favorite decks as possible. As a community we will be trying to assemble the following decks to send to Hayden.

I will be updating this list as time goes on.

#1: Modern –  Splinter twin
– Have 4x Splinter Twin , 2x Spellskite, 1x Snapcaster Mage (donated by Bryan K.)

#2: Standard – BW Midrange

#3:  Commander – Jhoira of the Ghitu

I am hoping that as a community we can rally around Hayden and let him know that we don’t want some punks to ruin his Magic: the Gathering experience.

You can donate in two ways:

Via Paypal: (all donations will be used to purchase cards from the above decks)

Physical Cards via Mail: Please send them to
PO BOX 651
Richfield UT, 84701

I am so thankful for the amazing fellowship and community we have been able to establish under the banner of Rogue Decks, you all have been there for me during hard times in my life and have been key to the success of the youtube Roguedeckbuilder channel. Thank you, and Thanks for Watching!


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