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Mono White Emeria (Budget Modern)

I don’t have time this week to record game play videos, but wanted to show you this deck tech anyway. The deck is a budget version of the White-Green Emeria Titan Control deck that I wrote about last week.

The game plan is to control the game with creatures while building up value. Early in the game you cast Lone Missionary for life gain, Wall of Omens for Card Draw, and Flickerwisp for even more value. Later in the game you start recurring these creatures again by casting and attacking with Sun Titan, and by triggering Emeria, the Sky Ruin.

Because we’re not playing Green we don’t need dual lands and we can’t play Voice of Resurgence (which we replace by Squadron Hawk). As a result the deck can be built for about $100, which is very low for a competitive Modern deck. Additionally, the more expensive cards are Modern staples, and the deck can be developed further into White-Blue or White-Green when more budget is available.

I’ve played enough matches with this deck and the GW version to evaluate it properly. You have a good match-up against other midrange/control decks, and you’re also favored to beat aggro unless they have an insane draw. Decks with pressure and permission (e.g. Delver) can be a bit tough, and so can Burn pre-board. The weak match-ups are combo deck, because we don’t have enough pressure to race them, but the sideboard gives us a reasonable chance.

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