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Modern Titanshift Assault

This deck combines the Red-Green version of Scapeshift (with Primeval Titan) with Seismic Assault + Life from the Loam as an alternative win condition.

Red-Green Scapeshift got some attention recently because Thien Nguyen reach the top-8 with it at Grand Prix Pittsburgh. I played this deck before, but last week I decided to give his version a try, mainly to try out Commune with Lava (which performed above expectation).

The purpose of RG Scapeshift is to put 7 lands into play, and then cast Scapeshift to search up a Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle and six Mountains for 18 damage. If that’s not enough you can cast Scapeshift with 8 lands in play, for 36 damage. You get to 7 or 8 lands by ramping with cards such as Search for Tomorrow and Khalni Heart Expedition.  Primeval Titan give you an alternative win condition, but can also be used to tutor for Valakut, and/or Mountains to trigger it.

The version I am showing you today combines this deck with another combo: Seismic Assault and Life from the Loam. This combo is the same colors and also requires lots of lands, so it seems a logical match. It also gives you another win condition, and one that does not care about Blood Moon.

This deck isn’t expensive if you already own the Fetch and Shock lands; Scapeshift and Primeval Titan both decreased in price after being reprinted in Modern Masters, and the other cards are commons, uncommons, and bulk rares. If you like a proactive game plan that is immune to creature removal, this could be the deck for you.

Note: One of the game play recordings crashed; the one against Zoo that I lost due to poor play and sideboarding; that’s what I refer to in the Wrap-Up.

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