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Modern on Sunday Aug. 24th

From the great guys at This is from Longtimegone

Two years ago, BlippyTheSlug started the tradition of throwing a free tournament with wazoo prizes in celebration of Modern’s birthday. I found out that Blippy was not going to be available to run everything again this year, so I’ve stepped in to help out and keep us rolling.

We can’t stop here, this is bat country.

Since August 24 is still on a weekend this year, we will stick with the 1800 UTC (2PM Eastern/11AM Pacific) start time that worked well last year.

Where Does This Happen?

Games will be played in the Constructed Open Play > Getting Serious (beta) room.
Game chat happens in the M3 room. Join channel #M3.
Registration is open via Gatherling. Decklists are required.

How Many Rounds Is It?

8-16 Players: 4 Rounds/T4
17-32 Players: 5 Rounds/T8
33-64 Players: 6 Rounds/T8
65-128 Players: 7 Rounds/T8
129+ Players: 8 Rounds/T8

What Can I Win?

Prize distribution is still being finalized, as we are still picking up more sponsors as we go. This is who we have on board so far:

Sponsor Prize Contribution Distribution

Wizards of the Coast

36 Modern Masters boosters



100 bot credits



100 bot credits



50 bot credits



50 bot credits



25 tickets


I’m still sending out inquiries and waiting to hear back from other potential sponsors, so this list may well grow.

Fine Print

Games must be set as Constructed Modern, timed at 25 minutes, watchable, best 2 of 3, and be marked “M2 Round x”. First person listed makes table. Players have 10 minutes to make and join tables after pairing announcements complete.

Players must enter match results in their Player CP on Gatherling. Match results entered in the main chat room, or via PM, will be ignored, the room is too busy to track them.

Match results must be posted before intermission. Results not reported prior to intermission will be declared a draw.

Players must play all rounds to be eligible for any prizes, including “participation prize”. A BYE counts as having played in a round.

WotC employees are welcome to play, but are not eligible for prizes. Other than bragging rights.

Bullying, mobbing, foul language, & general rudeness will not be tolerated. This includes “snide remarks” about decks/playing ability, personal attacks, racial slurs, etc. A player will get 1 warning. Repeat violations will result in disqualification from the event. Violations may be screenshot and reported to WotC.

Please refrain from talking in other players games, or PMing players in a game. This will allow players to concentrate fully without interruption.

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