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Modern Selesnya Emeria-Titan

The deck I want to show you today is a creature-based control deck built around Sun Titan and Emeria, the Sky Ruin. The White-Blue version is quite well-known by now, and is a good budget option (at $200-250 USD) for Modern players who want to play control.

However, in my opinion Blue does not give you anything that isn’t replacable; Court Hussar gives you card selection but is only a 1/3 for 3 mana; against most opponents Supreme Verdict can easily be replaced by Wrath of God; and although the counter spells (Negate and Dispel) can be relevant in some match-ups, they are dead cards in others.

Therefore I started looking at other colors, and I chose to build White-Green first because Eternal Witness seemed insane in this deck. But there are also good arguments for Red and Black, and I may give those a try later.

The idea of the deck is to play creatures that offer value, such as Wall of Omens, Voice of Resurgence, Kitchen Finks, and combine them with ways to blink them (Flickerwisp) and to recur them from the graveyard (Sun Titan and Emeria, the Sky Ruin). Initially you try to slow the game down with defensive creatures and removal, and once you are able to cast Sun Titan or once you can trigger Emeria you overwhelm your opponent with card advantage.

Selesnya Emeria-Titan is a powerful control deck against other midrange/control decks (Abzan, Jund, Grixis), and can interact effectively with the faster aggro decks in the format (Affinity, Infect, Tokens, Merfolk, Soul Sisters). However, it is weak to combo decks that do not care about creature combat. In other words, whether it is a good choice depends on the metagame.

This version is a more expensive to build than the Blue-White version, because of Voice of Resurgence, but apart from those and the mana base it is not too bad; I expect that the deck costs about $300 USD.

A different way to build this deck would include some acceleration, and trying to cast Sun Titan on turn 4-5. In this case the deck could include for example Noble Hierarch, Sakura-Tribe Elder, and/or Search for Tomorrow. This is also something I intend to try soon.


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