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Modern Masters 2017 Drafting Primer

We are terribly close to the release of Modern Masters 2017, and if you are lucky enough to be pre-registered to a draft of the set or if you have already purchased a booster box to draft with your friends it might be time to start looking at the fully spoiled set on and see which colors and strategies you might be interested in drafting when the big day arrives. With so many valuable cards, it will be very tempting to simply choose the most rare or expensive cards out of your draft packs so as to add those cards to your collection. This isn’t necessarily a bad choice depending on what cards you pull and how much value you personally assign to a card at the Drafting Table in that moment – Just ask Pascal Maynard of the famous #GoyphGate of 2015.

But if your Draft event is offering high stakes prize pools it cannot hurt to draft informed! Many of us will only be able to attend one or two drafts of MM2017 if we are lucky, and we will have to make those drafting experiences count. Being prepared to make good, informed decisions when drafting the set will ensure a much higher level of satisfaction both during games and when putting the drafted cards into your trade binder. That is why in his latest video on Modern Masters 2017, Kevin uses the website to explain some of his favorite MM2017 drafting strategies and provide some useful advice for making your draft choices in this exclusive limited format!

Drafting Modern Masters 2017 Simulation – Published 3/5/2017

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