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Modern Chalice Goblins

This is my first post on the RDB website, so let me start by introducing myself. I am Edward, and I have a YouTube channel called Tutor’s Library. Kevin and I already work together occasionally, but as of now I will post my deck tech and game play videos on this website as well.

I build 1-2 Standard or Modern decks per week. I would describe my deck building style as pro-active and synergy-based, which means it’s predominantly aggro and combo, but I do also occasionally play midrange/control, at least until I get bored.

The deck I am bringing you today is Chalice Goblins. It is a combo/aggro deck that tries to lock the opponent out of their spells with Chalice of the Void, Trinisphere and Blood Moon, and then takes over the game with high-impact Goblins such as Goblin Rabblemaster, Krenko Mob Boss, and Siege-Gang Commander. It is inspired by a Legacy deck that someone in my local area is playing.

It’s a fun deck to play and is relatively budget-friendly. The most expensive cards are Chalice of the Void (which is essential) and Cavern of Souls (which you can leave out). Goblin Rabblemaster should lose a lot of value soon.

And everybody loves Goblins.

The deck performed well. My main concern right now is that the deck may be too slow and doesn’t have enough removal to beat decks like Merfolk and Affinity. However, it looks very reliable against midrange/control and can lock opponents out of their spells quite effectively. Since the video I have added some Stoke the Flames (which I believe gets around Trinisphere because Convoke does not mean that the mana cost is reduced; just that you pay for this cost by tapping creatures).

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