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Market Monday – The Ban List & #MTGFinance – 1/9/2017

This afternoon Wizards of the Coast announced updates to the Banned and Restricted List for the Standard and Modern formats, naming several cards that cannot be played in organized tournament events after Aether Revolt releases in the coming weeks. To read our full article about which cards were banned and to hear Kevin’s first take on how these bans will effect their respective formats simply click right here.

In this week’s installment of Market Monday, Kevin reviews not only how the recent announcements of earlier today will change the prices of the banned cards, but more importantly he details which cards you might want to look to buy into or sell off before the bans begin to take effect. What decks will miss the banned cards the most? What is the best 2-drop creature in Standard now that Smuggler’s Copter is gone? Should you sell of your playsets of Emrakul, the Promised End or your extra playset of Nahiri, the Harbinger maybe? Kevin answers these questions and so much more! Simply enjoy the embedded video below or watch on the official Youtube channel to subscribe and be notified when each week’s Market Monday goes live!

Market Monday: Bans will shake up the market – January 9th, 2017

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