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Market Monday: Why Week-One Finance is a Trap!

Aether Revolt is now legal in Standard, and our collections are now full of new cards from pre-release and other launch weekend events! And now, with so many new and powerful cards in the set, it is time to start building decks and testing out the new cards in Standard casual and competitive play. Magic players from across the globe are beginning to craft their first decks in the new format, and some of their brews are already winning large tournaments, like the Star City Games Standard Open which is often viewed as the largest and most competative tournament to be held after a new set releases.

After a large tournament, winning decks are published and players following popular deck trends, or other players looking to mimic popular deck lists (often referred to as “Net-Deckers”) begin to invest in cards found in the top deck lists. Unfortunately, only a week of events is usually not enough time to truly judge which decks are the best in the format, or what cards will be heavily played in events for the next few months. For this reason, cards that might seem very powerful in this early meta might carry a high price tag or spike up after an event’s results are published. However, these cards will likely drop in price as new decks appear in Standard (especially after the Pro Tour) or after weeks of drafting when hundreds of cards are opened. For the full details of why investing in cards after the first week of a set’s release is not always a wise idea, you can watch Kevin’s Market Monday video below, or on the official Youtube Channel where you can subscribe to stay up to date on #MTGFinance, exciting deck brews, and MTG news!

Market Monday: Why Week One is a Trap! #MTGFinance – Published January 23rd, 2017

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