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Market Monday: Modern Masters 3 Reprints Speculation

In this week’s edition of Market Monday, because Aether Revolt has not officially been released, Kevin focuses on the Modern Format and looks ahead towards the month of March and which cards are likely to see reprints when the Modern Masters 3 set is released. With 2017 marking the year that Wizards of the Coast R&D is allowed to reprint cards from the original Innistrad and the Return to Ravnica blocks, high-value and high-impact cards such as Liliana of the Veil and Abrupt Decay are very likely to be reprinted. Is now the time to cash-out on some of your Modern staples? Are there any cards less likely to be reprinted that you should pick up now? Kevin Crimin answers all these questions and more in the video below!

Also discussed: The general health of the Modern Format, Draft sets with multiple colors, impact of the Standard Bans post Pre-Release, Consumer Psychology when purchasing Sideboard cards.

Market Monday: Modern Masters 3 Reprint Speculation, #MTGFINANCEPublished January 16th, 2017

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