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Market Monday: Pro Tour Aether Revolt Recap – 2/6/17

This past weekend you were probably watching the New England Patriots win the Super Bowl, but you might have also watched Lucas Berthoud win ProTour Aether Revolt with a Mardu Vehicles Standard deck. If you missed the coverage of the event, you might have anticipated the popular “Copy Cat” infinite combo deck (which uses Saheeli Rai and Felidar Guardian to combo into a bunch of cats) to have dominated the event. However, despite the Copy Cat deck’s popularity at the event, it was in fact the low curve, highly aggressive Mardu Vehicles deck that won the entire event and the $50,000 prize. As a result, a number of Vehicles and cards from the deck have spiked in price, such as the Smuggler’s Copter replacement Heart of Kiran.

But does the victory of Mardu Vehicles mean that you too should go out and invest in the deck’s components? Or should you look to pick up Cat Combo pieces, Tier 2 deck components, or just ignore Standard investments entirely? Kevin breaks down all of these questions and more in this week’s episode of Market Monday: Pro Tour Aether Revolt Recap – providing insights into the next few months of Standard #MTGFinance. You can watch this week’s video in its entirety below, or on our official Youtube Channel, where you can subscribe for more MTG market analysis and exciting deck brews!


Market Monday: Pro Tour Aether Revolt Recap #MTGFinance – Published 2/6/17

Thank you so much for joining us again for another Market Monday video!

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