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Market Monday: Ban List & MM17

Friday, March 17th is almost here (tomorrow to be exact!) and accompanying all of your traditional St.Patrick’s Day festivities will also be the official release of Modern Masters 2017 and all of its valuable reprints! If you have been tracking the saga of MM17 for the past few months, you will remember a time when it seemed that there was no hype around the set whatsoever. But that time has long past. The combination of epic spoilers, Snapcaster Mage, Liliana, and enemy colored Fetch Lands to name just a few, and the drama of retailers and distributors not being able to determine a fair pre-order price and annoying hundreds of customers – has Magic: The Gathering players across the globe itching for the set’s release.

To relive some of the emotional highs and lows of this historic release, all you have to do is watch some of Kevin’s previous Market analysis videos from the last week. Kevin started with a Top 10 video covering the most expensive cards not reprinted in the upcoming Modern Masters 2017 expansion. Because these cards already carried heftier price tags and were pivotal to top tier Modern decks, Kevin hypothesized that these cards would all see gradual price increases over the coming months as savvy investors would slowly move from recently reprinted targets to other in-demand Modern cards.

Top 10 Most Expensive Cards Not Reprinted in Modern Masters 2017 – Published March 6, 2017

Much to Kevin’s surprise (and to all of the community), almost immediately after posting the Top 10 list, we started to see heavy speculation price increases on cards like Fulminator Mage and Mox Opal, cards from Kevin’s Top 10 List! Even cards like Thoughtseize were shown to have price increases across multiple popular price tracking websites, and Kevin posted another reaction video describing how this type of speculation was not sustainable and that investors and speculators would not benefit from rapid early buyouts – especially in Modern, a Format that Kevin personally details as unhealthy and under supported.

Speculators are going all in on Modern. MISTAKE! – Published March 7, 2017

Another day passed, and we later learned that one of Magic: The Gathering’s largest e-commerce selling systems, Crystal Commerce, used by hundreds of distributors and retailers in the Singles card market experienced some server issues that had caused the usual price spike data of older, non-reprinted Modern cards. Once the Crystal Commerce technical difficulties were resolved, we started to see some stabilization of not only Kevin’s speculation targets, but also the pre-order prices and EV of Modern Masters 2017 booster boxes and singles. To further analyze this blip in the system, Kevin posted yet another reaction video, reflecting on how dependent the MTG market is on only a few select retail services.

Update/Reaction from Yesterdays Video – Published March 8, 2017

And finally we arrive at Kevin’s most recent Market Monday video, covering another WOTC announcement that the Banned & Restricted Lists would see no changes to any format for another cycle – shockingly dull news amid disastrous cancelations from both retailers and distributors on pre-orders of Modern Masters 2017 Booster Boxes. In addition to these news updates, Kevin also updates us on his laptop’s hard drive being repaired, pre-orders being 100% fulfilled despite distributor cancelations, and also where speculators might look next. Thank you so much again to all of our loyal Youtube Subscribers, Viewers, and Patreon supporters and be sure to stay tuned for Kevin’s next videos coming soon!

Market Monday: No Changes in Bans/Unbanns – Published March 13, 2017

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