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Magic Origins Draft #2


Hey everyone! Josh here bringing you yet another Magic Origins draft. I had initially anticipated bringing you the Magic Origins Limited Championships, but… Well here’s the pool, I’ll let you judge what happened and why we won’t be watching that today.

After seeing this I realized there were probably far too many profanities to actually show this to you as the pool was atrocious. I had to tell myself that MTGO can only get me down in things I can’t control, I.E, a sealed pool. So, without further introduction, Magic Origins Draft #2!!

I’m hopeful some of the more creative plays that can be found in Round 3, especially, are helpful to you and your future drafts. This set is so powerful and interactive it feels as though we are far from any of the core sets of the past. I’m a huge fan of Origins and hope to bring you at least one more draft before the release of Battle for Zendikar. Thanks for watching!!
Happy Battles,
Josh Kreiter
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