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Magic Origins Draft #1


Hey everyone! Josh here with a Magic Origins draft video. I want to start by saying I am a huge fan of this limited format and am excited to have a great ‘core’ set to draft until Battle for Zendikar comes out in a few months. I’d love to hear if anyone disagrees with any of my selections, so please, drop some comments!! I apologize for the rough audio, I’ll be picking up an external microphone for my computer later in the week which should clear everything up by the next video.

One last thing before we dive in to the videos, Christian and I will be doing a new video series called David and Goliath where we’ll test a brew against some of the top decks in the format (looking at you Pro Tour Origins). We’ll have several in game videos posted, a deck tech on both lists, as well as any improvements we come up with to increase David’s odds against Goliath. We’ll be posting the videos here as well as and are very excited to start the series. If anyone has any brews feel free to send it to Christian or myself on and we’ll see what we can do to get it in the series!!

Without further adieu, LET’S DRAFT!!!

Thanks for watching! I’ll be bringing you a video of Mono Black Devotion in standard hopefully later in the week. Be sure to check it out at and of course, here at
Happy Battles,
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