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June Rogue Master Brewer Competition Rd. 2 – Rally the Ancestors Edition

The votes have been tallied and Round 1 of the Rogue Master Brewer Competition: Rally the Ancestor Edition is done. Every matchup was extremely close – most of our matchups were decided by three or four votes. On the standard side, Mardu Rally out-aggro’d 4-Color Goodstuff and Warrior’s Rally proved to be slightly more popular for Rally the Stars. In Eternal, Rally Aristocrats whopped Rally the Apostles soundly, and Rally Esper Humans squeaked by Hasty Rally with a measly two votes to spare.

Again, we’re turning the voting over to you, the Rogue Deckbuilder community. Pick your favorit Standard and Eternal Format deck, and then they’ll go head-to-head in the next round of next week. Voting is open from 7/12 – 7/19!



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Mardu Rally

Warrior’s Rally

Rally the Aristocrats

Rally Esper Humans

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