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July Twitter Contest – Win FREE Soulfire Grand Masters!!!

Do you follow on Twitter? Not yet, you say? Well good thing you found this post, or you might have missed out on exciting chances to win amazing RDB prizes!

Starting today, and running through the rest of July, we’ll be holding our FIRST EVER twitter contest where you can tweet to us your favorite rogue combos, card interactions, or brews using an overlooked card and the hashtag #RDBbrew for a chance to win a FREE PAPER PLAYSET of the spotlighted card!

To kick things off we’ll be focusing on Soulfire Grand Master, that Jeskai-powered two-mana-cost mythic rare from the recently rotated Fate Reforged.


Since rotation, Soulfire Grand Master has truly fallen off the radar for most players. However, the card still has incredible potential — a 2/2 for two, with Lifelink, creating Lifelink-enhanced Instants and Sorceries, and the ability to return those spells back to your hand! Obviously there must be some rogue combos, interactions, and decks for this card in Modern, Commander, and beyond that have gone unnoticed. If you’ve discovered one, now is your chance to share it with the RDB community and win an amazing prize!

To enter in the giveaway and win your own copies of Soulfire Grand Master, all you have to do is send a tweet to featuring your own combo idea, a broken interaction with Soulfire Grand Master, or even a rogue brew that highlights Soulfire’s potential and include the hashtag #RDBbrew. At the end of July, we will pick our favorite tweets and the Brewer who has tweeted the very best Soulfire-interaction will win their own Soulfire Grand Masters from Kevin and the team!

So put on your Brewer-hat, send us your favorite Soulfire Grand Master interactions in 140 characters or less, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for more competition updates and news!

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