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Incoming Price Spikes: Where Will Modern Get Hit The Worst?

The full set of cards in Modern Masters 2017 has officially been spoiled by Wizards of the Coast, and while the set has INCREDIBLE value with an EV higher than any reprint set previously printed, a number of popular Modern playable cards that were ineligible for reprints in this set may see price increases as savvy investors begin to target them in the coming weeks and months. If there is a deck that you were looking to start playing in Modern, now might be the time to pick up those few pieces you still need that are not going to be reprinted in MM2017 to avoid having to pay more in the near future.

In his video below, Kevin outlines a few such examples and gives some more perspective on the value to be printed in Modern Masters 2017. Also, stay tuned for upcoming Market Monday videos that will provide more insight into how MM2017 reprints will impact the next few months of #MTGFinance.

Incoming Price Spikes, Where Will Modern Get Hit The Worst? – Published 3/4/2017

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