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Fill the Rogue Coffers! is in desperate need of your help! We are expanding to a new location where we are going to build a full studio for live games and streaming. With this move comes a lot of expenses. JRAT Games, the local game store that I am associated with is going to be providing a ton of cards for me to sell towards funding this project. I will also be selling off my modern speculation binder as well as all of my cards except for a few modern and commander decks.

I am not one to beg for donations as I always believe that you should get something in return and I am hoping that selling the cards will provide an outlet for RDB to generate some funds towards financing the studio, as well the necessary operating costs of running the youtube channel. In short, Magic isn’t cheap and we need your help to keep RDB going. Below I am going to list the cards from the speculation binder and prices. Keep in mind, JRAT games usually has most standard cards in stock, so if there is a particular card you need, please feel free to email me about it. Here at the store we use TCGPlayer Mid to price cards so if you are interested, that will be the prices.

Lastly, the best way to support RDB is to buy a playmat. You can find those here:

Or to simply donate via paypal (button on the top right of website)

Here are the cards currently for sale:

Steel Overseer $11
Mox Opal $55
Phyrexian Metamorph $5
Birthing Pod $10
Mindslaver $2.5
Batterskull $18
Inkmoth Nexus $10
Spellskite $18
Cavern of Souls $17
Amulet of Vigor $4
Wurmcoil Engine $22
Torpor Orb $3
Etched Champion $7
Seachrome Coast $3.5
Darkslick Shores $5
Razorverge Thicket $5
Emeria, the Sky Ruin $4
Eye of Ugin $9
Copperline Gorge $4
Raging Ravine $5.5
Aether Vial $22
Chalice of the Void $5
Past in Flames $5
Grim Lavamancer $3.5
Splinter Twin $20
Zur the Enchanter $12
Tezzeret Agent of Bolas $17.5
Melira, Sylvok Outcast $2
Green Sun’s Zenith $5
Garruk Relentless $5.5
Bloodghast $10
Griselbrand $25
Thalia, Guardian of Thraben $5
Terminus $4
Entreat the Angels $9
Restoration Angel $8
Olivia Voldaren $5
Huntmaster of the Fells $6
Craterhoof Behemoth $11
Proclamation of Rebirth $4
Ethersworn Canonist $5
Yosei, the Morning Star $5
Master of the Pearl Trident $4
Temporal Mastery $6
Omniscience $7
Surgical Extraction $6.5

I appreciate all of the support. We have BIG things planned for RDB!

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