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Fetch Lands in Modern Masters 2017!!!

Big news from the Mothership this morning with the first wave of spoilers from the upcoming Modern Masters 2017 limited release slated for March 17th, 2017: FETCH LANDS!!! (And so much more!)

All of the original Zendikar Fetch Lands are officially confirmed to be printed in the upcoming Modern Masters 2017 product, as well as the long demanded cards of Damnation and Goblin Guide, all printed at Rare! This adds incredible value to the price of any Modern Masters 2017 box, and with many other Rares and Mythics left to be spoiled it already looks like the set might shape up to be one of the best Modern Masters set releases to date despite being one of the least hyped up sets to ever be promoted by the Wizards of the Coast company.

Don’t forget that if you want to support, we have a limited number of booster boxes of Modern Masters 2017 that you can Pre-Order from our store, Gone Rogue Games, and have mailed to you shortly after release! Just check out our hyperlinked web store for more details on how to pre-order.  Also, you can view all of the currently spoiled cards on the wildly popular website for the latest spoilers from the upcoming premium set.

But how will these reprints impact the price of Modern Masters 2017 boxes, you might ask? What about the Drafting experience? The cost and viability of future Modern cards and events? Our Captain of, Kevin Crimin, breaks down some of this information in the quick video below.

Fetch Lands in Modern Masters 2017! – Published 2/27/17

Ironically, Kevin had just completed a rant video posted just before the news of the Fetch Land reprints became official which outlined his reasoning for why the best lands in Modern should be included in the 2017 premium product. While the bulk of the video explains details of MM17 speculation that are now confirmed, there are still some gems of wisdom about #MTGFinance in the video and you should definitely check it out over on our official channel or watch the full video below.

The single most detrimental problem that is holding back modern… – Published 2/26/17

For more updates about Modern Masters 2017 Spoilers, #MTGFinance, and Rogue Brews definitely check back to our website soon and subscribe to on Youtube as we continue our coverage of news until the set’s release!

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