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Kevin Reviews the Puca Trade Future Site

The popular internet-trading service for Magic: The Gathering cards,, recently updated their website to their “FutureSite” platform. The new platform does include some new and useful features, such as a sorting feature that will organize your trades into packages. Unfortunately, these few new features are overshadowed by the clunkier, graphic-intense website that is being criticized as a “downgrade” in service by PucaTrade users on Reddit. See Kevin’s full review of the new PucaTrading website and a short rant on the service and the Puca Team’s somewhat sketchy business practices in his Youtube video here. In response to the criticism, PucaTrade and its sponsored supporters have been very quiet.

Are you a user? Feel free to tell us how you feel about PucaTrade’s new website and features on Twitter, or in the comments section of Kevin’s official Youtube video on the subject here:


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