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The Daily Brew: Battlefield Thief – Brewing with Journey into Nyx!

Battlefield Thief - MTG

Battlefield Thief – MTG

For the next week I will be brewing around Battlefield Thaumaturge. In this deck the goal is to combine the power of cheap “grab spells” like Harness by Force and Catch/Release and then sacrifice them via Bubbling Cauldron , Trading Post or Barrage of Expendables. The ultimate goal is to switch a Goat Token with an opponents Monster with Daring Thief!

Battlefield Thief

Creatures: (16)
Young Pyromancer
Daring Thief
Battlefield Thaumaturge
Ephara, God of the Polis
Purphoros, God of the Forge
Akroan Crusader

Spells: (20)
Trading Post
Launch the Fleet
Detention Sphere
Harness by Force
Hidden Strings
Bubbling Cauldron
Polymorphous Rush
Springleaf Drum
Hour of Need
Barrage of Expendables
Lands: (24)
Hallowed Fountain
Temple of Triumph
Sacred Foundry
Mana Confluence
Temple of Enlightenment
Temple of Epiphany
Steam Vents

Sideboard (15)
Warleader’s Helix
Detention Sphere
Angelic Accord
Harness by Force
Hour of Need
Act of Treason
Banishing Light
Launch the Fleet
Aurelia’s Fury

Enjoy the Video series here: Battlefield Thief


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